Care Instructions

Most important rule: DRY FLAT.

Cottons & Acrylic

You can machine wash pure cotton or cotton/synthetic blends on a delicate or gentle wash if you use a wash bag. It's always safer to hand wash, so feel free to follow the instructions for mohair & wool.

Mohair & Wool

You can wash these pieces with a special wool detergent. Hand wash with warm water in a bath or basin, or on a delicate cycle in a machine with a wash bag. Avoid agitating or stretching the piece too much. Rinse and towel dab water from the piece. You can also dry by placing the piece flat on a towel, rolling up the towel gently, and then press down on the rolled up towel. Unroll the towel and DRY FLAT.

Here's a great video with instructions: How to Hand Wash Wool

If you notice a loose end appearing in your piece, it's very unlikely that it's falling apart! This is probably just a yarn end tucked in. Tuck it back in carefully.